Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Stump I

copyright 2009 Hannah Phelps
oil on canvas, 6" x 8"

This could be the only sunny day we see in New Hampshire for a whole week, so I had to get outside and paint. This moss-covered stump is a short walk from my front door. As I was working on this picture, I recalled an exercise one of my favorite artists used to assign his students. Charles Woodbury (American 1864-1940) instructed aspiring landscape painters to paint the same scene nine times in one week at different times of day. I have done this exercise before, but I think it is time to repeat it. The weather may interfere with this challenge, since it is supposed to rain quite a bit this week, but I'll give it my best shot anyway. Therefore, I present painting #1 of the stump.

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