Monday, August 10, 2009

McGowan Fine Art's Paint Out in Portsmouth

copyright 2009 Hannah Phelps
Another View of the Mansion
oil on canvas, 9" x 12"

Displayed above is one of the three paintings I completed at the paint out over the weekend. I left the image of the actual mansion in the background of the photograph on purpose. I stayed close to the Coolidge Center for the Arts and the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion both days. Protected from the sun in the shade of a giant tree, I stayed comfortable for hours.

It was wonderful to get out and paint on two consecutive non-rainy days! It seems that we haven't had much of that this summer. I also had fun talking with other painters, many of whom I hadn't met before. All in all it was a great event!

All of the paintings from the weekend are available for purchase at The Coolidge Center for the Arts this week. For more information about McGowan Fine Art and The Coolidge Center for the Arts at the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion Historic Site, click here.

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