Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet the Artist: Saturday, November 14 from 1-3:30pm in the Shapiro Library!!

The print show, "New Impressions," has been hanging for a week now and I am receiving nice compliments-thanks to everyone who has already visited the Pantano Gallery!

Of course, there is still the "Meet the Artist" reception next Saturday, the 14th! From 1-3:30pm there will be some munchies in the Gallery and I will be there to answer questions about white-line woodcuts and the inspiration for specific pieces in the show.

The Pantano Gallery is located inside the Shapiro Library on the Southern New Hampshire University campus. The first photo below is the view of the library from the parking lot. The entrance to the library is on the opposite side of the building from the parking lot. The path leading there is under the trees on the left side of the photo.

When the path opens up to a small courtyard, the entrance to the library is down a pathway to the right. In the photo below, you will be walking in from the under the orange trees on the right and the entrance is on the left side, beyond the blue trash can and red fire hydrant. The flags in the courtyard can be seen from the parking lot.

For a map of the SNHU campus, click here.

Once you are in the library, turn left to find the Pantano Gallery behind the circulation desk. I look forward to seeing you next weekend!

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