Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Love About Snow

Since it is pouring outside here, it is time to remember what I love about snow before the rain melts it all away! So, here are my top eleven favorite things about the "white stuff."

1. All the fun things we can do in snow-skiing, snowshoeing, skijoring, and throwing snowballs at our spouses when they are trying to shovel.

2. The clear, unbound joy dogs exhibit when they play in it.

3. Seeing animal tracks.

4. The beauty of the snow makes the extra cold days a bit easier to bear.

5. Snow cover softens and simplifies the landscape.

6. The shelter a snow burdened pine bough makes.

7. When we walk around in the woods in fresh snow, we can always follow our own tracks home.

8. Hearing flakes fall during a storm.

9. The clean smell of new snow and the wet scent of melting snow

10. Even as adults, we occasionally get a "snow day," a brief, forced vacation from our regular life.

11. The inconceivable variety of colors that make up the white.

Bonus 12. Painting it!

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