Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog Days-Narcissus - SOLD!

copyright 2010 Hannah Phelps
6" x 8"; 15cm x 20cm
oil on canvas

In June, McGowan Fine Art in Concord, NH is holding a fund-raising exhibit for the Animal Rescue League of NH (more information to the right). I am creating some small paintings of Golden Retrievers for the event. The plan is to let you peek at these pieces as I paint them.

Leading the way on this project is Flash, who was my wonderful friend from the year 2000 to August of 2009. Anyone who knew him would not be surprised that he got caught admiring his own reflection. He thought very highly of himself and freely told everyone how awesome he was all the time. I didn't mind because I agreed with him.

Soon, I will be sending out some very nice postcards for this upcoming exhibit. If you would like one, make sure to visit and sign up for my mailing list!

This painting will be available in June of 2010! For more information, contact me, or visit: McGowan Fine Art

This painting has SOLD!

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