Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's All About Me-and You

copyright Hannah Phelps
Wave Embrace
7" x 11"; oil and canvas

I painted this sketch last fall on the coast of Maine. Today, I was supposed to go back to that spot for the first time in 2010, but the weather report shifted from "wicked nice" to "windy, cloudy and cold." This could easily lead to "frigid snow, sleet and rain mix" in an instant in New England, so I postponed the outing for a better day.

In the meantime, I have Part II of my blogging homework to finish-describing what I hope to get out of blogging. The most obvious benefit of blogging is that it is an easy way to share my paintings with other people. Before the internet, artists could only show their work in person. Now, I can paint something in the morning, take a photograph of it and post the image in a few minutes making it available for anyone to see. I can also easily keep a schedule of events updated so people can see the work in person if they wish.

But blogging can offer so much more than just an online gallery. Artists spend quite a bit of time alone in their studios and blogging is a way to say, "Hey Everyone! I am right here!" It is a small connection to the outside world, but not an insignificant one.

Once I decided to reach out in this way, I had to pay attention to my communication skills. The practice of articulating my methods and inspirations helps me not only talk about my art better, it helps me understand it better myself. Blogging has the potential to feed into the creative process and become a part of it instead of just a station in which to display a final product.

And, as it should, all this talk about me has led me back to you, the avid reader of this blog, since it is with you I am trying to share my artwork. Some of you have said that the images displayed here remind you of places you have been or where you grew up. The absence of figures in these landscapes gives them a timelessness that allows you to pick any period from your own life and sit in that moment, forgetting that it is advanced technology and the possibly hated computer that allow you a short reverie. If it is the dog paintings you prefer, they might offer you the relief of a smile or chuckle, especially after reading a little story about the characters depicted in the piece.

So let's make a deal-I'll paint and make prints and write about the joys and challenges, the methods and madness of creating art and you relax, enjoy the artwork and the stories that go with it and, if you are inclined to do so, tell me what you think.


Catherines' Art Adventures said...

Hi , I can almost hear the crashing of the waves. Wonderful, catherine

lynnbridge said...

Will you take me to the coast of Maine with you?

merci33 said...

Ahhhhhh,,the crashing of the waves against the rocky coast...just the thought brings a deep breath...thanks!

Lynn A. Fraley said...

Hi Hannah,
Lovely closing paragraphs, but they are eclipsed by your paintings. Timeless and evocative indeed.
You've got a deal -- and a new fan!

Susan Nash said...

wow! great job on the use of "you". YOU really have the idea. PS-love your work!
Susan Nash

Hannah Phelps said...

Thank you so much for your very generous comments, everyone!