Monday, April 19, 2010

Countdown to Impact

Today's assignment in my online Blog Triage Class with Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris focuses on the visual impact of our blogs. My fellow "patients" and I were challenged to change at least two things to make our blogs as visually appealing as possible.

Above is a screen capture before I:

- lightened the background color

- changed the font color to black

- added a photo to my header

It is just three little changes, but playing with new font colors and editing the picture took some time. (Everything involving a computer seems to take three or four times as long as it needs to around here....)

Well, since you can see the old and the new alongside each other, I would love to know what you think! If you loved it the old way, I need to know. Maybe this new color scheme is making you excited to visit the blog more. Perhaps you like a little of each-tell me! Together we can make this blog "just right"!


merci33 said...

This has been a tricky assignment for me but it helps to come over and see how professional your layout looks with the changes you've made.
I really appreciated Alyson's rap about thinking of the blog as a gallery wall and by've got it ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the new subtle look!!

Anonymous said...

You know what? Now that I compare your old look with the new, I realize that the white background is better for your art. At least on my monitor, that creamy yellow background of the old look is not flattering to all color schemes in the art. There is a restaurant in my town in which an art group I'm in hangs exhibits all the time, and I quit hanging there because that same creamy yellow does NOTHING for my mosaics. The art behind your title looks good, too.

Cynthia Morris said...

Love it! It feels so much cleaner.

The only suggestion I would have is to NOT make the text of your post bold. Use bold and italics for emphasis, not for everything.

Great job. Love the image in the header.

Grace said...

Love the header image.

Agree with the comment on not bolding your regular text. Though I do prefer the black text.

I like the background color better then the old one but I'm still not totally sold on it.

Grace said...

On second thought - maybe it's not so much the color maybe it's that I see so much of it on either side of the content. here is where you tell me to make my browser smaller ;).

I do think the bgcolor looks pretty next to a lot of the ocean colors in your paintings.

JFay said...

I really like the new background color! Shows of your art much better. Personally, I would like to see that little paragraph about you move up to the top and then have the list of where to see your work--I like knowing about you. It looks great.

Hannah Phelps said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for giving me such quick and useful feedback!

The "new way" wins!

I have spent quite a while slowly un-bolding some of my posts and I will get to the rest soon.

Dora Ficher said...

Hi Hannah,
I really like the white background much better. It makes everything stand out more. I agree with Jeniffer that your about paragraph should be higher, it gets kind of lost and easy to miss. I love the new look!