Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beach Weather

copyright Hannah Phelps

Quiet Beach
oil on panel on wood supports, 4" x 4"

The weather here promises that summer is coming soon! 

It is too nice out to spend too much time on the computer, so just enjoy this beach view and get ready for some sun!


Hannah said...

Hannah--you have captured that lovely feeling of the Atlantic on a calm day (or was it?) And I agree, its much too nice to stay inside once summer arrives.

PRISCILLA MAE et al (Meg Mitchell) said...

What a lovely place you have painted to go and just sit and appreciate the day. You have captured a moment.

Hannah Phelps said...

Thank you, guys! We have been blessed with another gorgeous day today, so I am heading back to the coast. Hopefully there will be another ocean scene posted soon!