Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dog Days-Sunrise Shake - SOLD

copyright Hannah Phelps
oil on canvas, 6" x 9"

Unleashed: A Benefit for the Animal Rescue, is just around the corner! Don't forget to mark June 25th on your calendars for the opening reception at McGowan Fine Art in Concord, NH!

I have wanted to paint this image for years. The upcoming show pushed me into just attacking it and I am so happy I did! I am very pleased with this fun little painting of an extremely happy Golden shaking off an early swim at the beach.

Our model this week is my Winnie, who also appears in The Other Golden Swimming Phelps, Buddy System, and To Each His Ball and some paintings in the Dogscape Collection on my website.

In the limited time I have before the animal exhibit, I will be painting dogs madly, so stayed tuned for more Goldens coming soon!

This painting has SOLD!


Anonymous said...

Great dog painting, Hannah, with the front paw up 'just so'.

merci33 said...

What fun...I'd love to see all the pups that you paint for the benefit...hope you post them all.

FYI: you have a reference to "the opening reception at" and then you don't list where that will be.

I suspect that through the Facebook blog page (that Dora set up for our Triage group) that we'll continue to help one another make our posts great enough to make our teachers proud!

Love your profile pic too.

Hannah Phelps said...

Thanks, Lynn and Iona!

I just looked at the first paragraph again. It seems my sentence got switched around somehow so I will fix it. Weird, huh?

Kadira said...

Isin't that just what dogs do, as we madly scramble out of the way to avoid a shower! Well caught.