Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Win-Win Ways to Help Animals in NH

copyright Hannah Phelps
Silly Photo of Two Loved Dogs,
Hatrick and Coast, on Memorial Day

The Unleashed fundraising exhibit for the Animal Rescue League of NH at McGowan Fine Art is just around the corner. So I have been thinking about what else we can do to help this organization and their homeless animals. 

Here are my top five ways, but I bet you can think of more!

1. When you are ready, adopt your next pet from the Animal Rescue League or another shelter. Obvious, I know, but it is still the number one way to help. Plus, you end up with a great friend!

2. If you aren't ready for a pet, donating supplies like towels, food, and litter can be a huge help. Call the shelter near you to see what they need specifically. Most of us have old towels and bedding that we don't want kicking around anymore and often shelters need it! Another win-win!

3. Drink wine! No really - If you buy a bottle with the special Animal Rescue League label, they get money! The images on the labels were created by New Hampshire artist, Molly Poole. Or you can put an image of a pet you love on the bottle! How can you go wrong with paintings, wine and fuzzy friends?!

4. Become a Medical Miracle Worker. This one isn't for everybody, but it is perfect if you want your donation to make an immediate difference in the life of an animal. Medical Miracle Workers are contacted by the shelter when an animal needs medical attention "beyond the normal and customary care" like emergency surgeries.

5. Love animals but can't add one to your family right now? Volunteer! You can get your furry fix while you help lighten the staff's load!

Of course, the sixth way of helping the Animal Rescue League of NH and get a little something for yourself is to purchase some art at the upcoming show, but I thought you would have guessed that one by now!