Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freedom from Mobility

copyright Hannah Phelps

Front Porch View II
12" x 9", oil on canvas

My vehicle is receiving what I hope is TLC from the dealer today. Since I live on the edge of a very small town, no car means I am homebound.

Instead of frustrated and trapped, I feel fully liberated!

If I NEEDED to get out, I have a bike and my perfectly able feet could carry me to a small convenience store a few miles away. But I don't need to, so I get to stay here in my studio with my dogs and that is more than enough.

Without the means to perform even my daily visit to the post office, I am free to paint and write all day. I think I hear thunder in the distance-could I be lucky enough to lose power for a short while? Maybe I will turn off the phone too!

What would you do with a gift day like this?

PS - In case you think "stuck at home" means no plein air painting, above is a sketch of from my front porch. I wanted to practice my "skyholes" and leaves in preparation for summer!


Anonymous said...

Hannah, that is interesting that you pay attention to the sky holes. I have done exactly one painting of a sky hole, but that was because it was completely encircled by little puffy circular clouds. Your threatening weather sky-hole is luscious.

I figure that, as long as I have food for the cats in the house, I can stay home and work indefinitely. (It's all about the animals.) Those really ARE gift-days.

Golden Embers said...

Hey Hannah ... I too love the limits of my 14 acres around my pond with my 2 special Goldens and a rowboat ... there are days/nights off from work that I don't even venture up to the mailbox ... just lovin' workin' the land ;o)

Hannah Phelps said...

"Skyholes" is a special term for artists, I think. That and "mowmarks" for fields!

The dogs actually did complain that we couldn't drive to their favorite hiking area. They will get over it when we go back tomorrow!

JOYita said...

Hannah... I hope you really did shut off your phone. Days away from technology are truly gift days...
I enjoy those once in a while, just stay at home, sketch random things around the house, Meditate, paint, and read my favorite book... Bliss!!

Hannah Phelps said...

It was a nice day, Joyita. I especially missed it yesterday and today when I had almost the opposite of stuck by myself-we had a carpenter here to work on the house. He was great and he did a great job, but I will enjoy my solitude all the more tomorrow!