Friday, July 23, 2010

What Makes Him Commit?

copyright Hannah Phelps

Odiorne Rocks!
white-line woodblock print, 7" x 7"
second impression (the first impression sold at the event!)

I created this print last week during the Seacoast Science Center's Art in Nature exhibit.  The SSC is on the grounds of Odiorne State Park in Rye, NH which happens to be where my husband and I held our wedding reception 12 years ago this weekend. It is fun to think of our guests enjoying this same view over a decade ago on what was a truly perfect day!

Even after knowing a person for 14 years, they can still surprise you. A couple of weeks ago, for example, I witnessed an amazing event.

I asked my husband to accompany me to another artist's reception. I doubted he would enjoy this, so I attempted to bribe him-"We'll stop by the reception, look at the photos, tell the artist how much we enjoyed the show and then go to your favorite restaurant." Well, this hooked him and off we went.

The gallery was packed and while it was hard to see around the commotion, we took a good look at each of the 20" x 30" photographs. 

A few times, my husband went "missing" from my side and I found him in front the same photo each time. However, nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me.  Even when he said things like, "I really love this," and "this one fascinates me."

We said our hellos and goodbyes to the artist and headed to the restaurant. Where he spent the entire dinner talking about the photograph. 

At some point, I recognized what was occurring here-my husband was falling in love with a piece of art. I thought they were a good match, but I hesitated to push him into this relationship. I wanted him to make the decision on his own.

As his wife, I wanted him to buy the piece because it clearly made him happy. 

As an artist, I took the opportunity to watch the transformation from admirer to buyer take place in front of my eyes.

This story has a happy ending: we returned to the reception after dinner (despite the advice of a flipped coin) and he bought the photo! Now everyone is happy-my husband, the photographer and me.

Now I want to figure out what happened that night-can I use what I witnessed to help people commit to a piece of my work? 

When I ask my husband about his experience that night, I get this: "It spoke to me...When I looked at that photo, I saw...Sigh....Well, we have the money and I wanted it."

It seems that falling in love at first sight is as much of a mystery as ever.

PS. The photographer whose work captured my husband's heart?  Scott Bulger-check out his work!



What a great story. It was lovely that you let your husband come to the realization that he wanted the photograph. Now it means so much more to all of you. Thanks for sharing this Hannah.

Hannah Phelps said...

Thanks, Meg! I can't wait until the photography show is over and we can hang the picture in our house!

Amy Hillenbrand said...

That is a great story, falling in love just has to happen doesn't it?

Hannah Phelps said...

My husband can fall in love with art anytime!