Monday, August 2, 2010

Return to Painting

copyright Hannah Phelps

Orchard View
8" x 6", oil on canvas

Every year, Canterbury Shaker Village invites NH Plein Air to paint on their grounds as part of their  Mother Ann Day celebration. Artists paint until mid-afternoon, when their paintings are available for purchase and everyone eats birthday cake with Rosewater Frosting. Trust me, the cake alone made the day worthwhile, but the gorgeous weather and camaraderie with fellow painters was nice too.

I almost didn't go to the Village yesterday because last week I was in Washington, DC. I thoroughly exhausted myself by visiting 6 museums in 4 days! 

It was good for me to paint right away my first day back after seeing so much masterful artwork! In the next few posts I will attempt to recreate my DC tour, so stay tuned....

Psst:  While following the links to Canterbury Shaker Village, note that the painting on the home page was done by Yours Truly on Mother Ann Day two years ago. There is another picture of me (wearing a silly blue hat) working on it on another page!

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