Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Help from My Friends

Copyright Hannah Phelps
Pumpkin with a View
8" x 12", oil on canvas

It is pumpkin time in York! Last week, I didn't paint any pumpkins - I started another rock/wave painting. It isn't ready for the public yet. But, since I mentioned the dogs last week, I thought I would share an example of how they “help” me when they accompany me on painting trips.

That is Hatrick on the left and Coast on the right. Coast's head is sorta between me and the rock I am trying to paint. It’s okay, he doesn't mind.

At one point I looked up and they were climbing all over my subject!

Warm days like this are becoming rare this year, so the three of us soaked up every minute of it.


Scott Bulger Photography said...

It's a pretty good job when that is what your office looks like!

Hannah Phelps said...

I was thinking that myself, Scott! I always wanted to work outside and with dogs - check and check!