Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Blog Hop

© Hannah Phelps
Special Occasion
white-line woodcut

She was wearing a red polka-dotted dress underneath her warm home-made hooded sweater and fleece blanket. Maybe she started to fuss because she was hot swaddled in all those layers, but maybe she wanted to show off her dress.

It was the first time she had worn it - to Gramma’s 66th birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant. She stared wide-eyed at the wine, the antipasto, and the fresh bread as if she wished she was old enough to eat that instead of her liquid dinner.

She looked good in the little dress, of course. At three months old she could hardly look bad in anything. Plus, it is good to dress up to go out for a special occasion.

This dinner was very special - just the “girls”. Gramma, two daughters and one baby granddaughter. The only grandchild out for the first of many birthday dinners with her gramma.

Gramma was one of her first friends and, along with her mom, would always be one of her best friends. That is always something to celebrate.


This is my contribution to Claudine Intner's Mother's Day Blog Hop. I hope you have been following along on the blogs listed below. If not, there is time to catch up and enter to win a really cool collage from Claudine - but only if you start hopping now!

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Claudine Intner said...

What a sweet linocut! Great post! Thank you so much for participating in the hop.

Hannah Phelps said...

Thanks Claudine! And thanks for creating the Hop!