Monday, March 5, 2012

Cutting It Up

© Hannah Phelps
printmaking block as a jigsaw

As I reported last week, creating Life on the Edge left me wanting to make more jigsaw reduction reliefs.

The two I am working on now are different from Life on the Edge in a few critical ways - for one thing the block is made of wood instead of linoleum.

Wood is harder than linoleum and it has a grain. That makes carving intricate shapes a little trickier. It also means that the grain pattern shows up in the image.

To cut the block into pieces, I used a saw instead of an exacto knife. I had a little less control over the saw than I expected, so I had to adjust some of my shapes as I cut.

While the linoleum blocks reunited seamlessly for printing, I knew that the wood pieces wouldn’t. A little bit of material is lost during cutting - that creates a gap between the shapes and shows up in the image as a white outline.

Hmmmm... a white-line, eh? This could get interesting.

I tried to incorporate that into my composition from the start. I won’t know if it is really ok until I am completely done in a another layer or two.

Want to know more about what is happening with this print? I will talk more about it in my next blog entry!


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