Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rolling It On

© Hannah Phelps
jigsaw relief print in progress
oil ink on paper

As we discussed in the last post, the print I am working on right now is different from the first jigsaw reduction I did, Life on the Edge. To create the print shown above, I used the wood block you saw earlier. 

Second major change in method between this seascape and the dog print? Instead of using water soluble inks, I am using oil-based inks.

Some artists HATE oil-based anything - the mediums are too messy, the cleanup is too smelly, everything is too toxic, etc.

I happen to love the oils I use for my paintings, so switching to oil-based inks isn’t a big stretch for me. Clean-up is a tiny bit harder, but I don’t mind it. No matter which type of inks (or paint) I use, I tend to get it everywhere  - pallet, rollers, knives, block, face, pants, dogs - and everything has to be ink-free after I finish a layer. Water-based materials clean up easily with soap and water, but that won't work for oils.  The secret is slathering it all with regular old vegetable oil - no stinky solvents needed! Vegetable oil softens the ink enough to wipe off any surface.

There is a little more drying time between layers using oil-based inks, but I've been able to add a layer a week and that is fast enough.  And so far, I love the consistency and the colors.

This print isn't done yet and the "pressure is mounting"... I'll explain in the next post!

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