Monday, April 23, 2012


© Hannah Phelps
another jigsaw relief woodblock

This may look the same as the jigsaws I have been sharing with you, but it is different. 

Because it is new, I am stalling. It should have ink all over it by now.

But once I ink and print it, I will know whether or not it sucks and right now I can pretend it is brilliant. Not just this block, but the whole idea. 

Right now, it is an innocent newborn who might save the world, but hasn’t had a chance to suck its thumb yet. There is nothing to judge, yet, somehow, everything to fear.

I am committed to this block, this composition and this idea. It has been incubating in my mind for nearly a year.

It is time to discover what it really is. To see whether or not I got what I wanted. It is better not to know.....

Of course, I must know. The only way this print will get made is if I let my expectations and visions go. Then ink the block and print the paper. And turn the paper over and look at it. See what it has become.

Let it go and let it happen. This sounds familiar....

There is more to say about this, but not today. Today I have to print.


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