Thursday, June 28, 2012

Small Talks

© Hannah Phelps
Beach Side of Concord Point
white-line woodcut print, 9" x 12"

Last week, I set the final roster for my solo exhibit, Plein Air to Print, at the Washington Printmakers Gallery. The print above is brand new for the show. 

After nearly a year of creating work specifically for this exhibit, it felt strange to tell some of the prints they hadn't made the team. Until the final minutes, I was holding out hope that they would all be ready in time. 

Do I really talk to my prints? Yes. Mostly grunting. A little cussing. Small exclamations of disappointment or pleasure.

This time, it was a gentler conversation: "Just because you aren't going to the WPG doesn't mean you aren't a good idea. There will be more opportunities for you. You just need a little development in the minors to work on some fundamentals." You can expect to see some of these promising pieces in the future.

Soon, you will be able to judge my decision. Did I choose a winning team? A bunch of prints and paintings that will work well together?  That will now become greater in the company I have chosen for them?

Can't wait until August? The WPG has started posting some work on their blog, DCimPRINT, so go take a look.

Remember, the exhibit is from August 1 - 26, with a reception on August 4 from 1 - 4 pm. See you there!

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