Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well Armed, Part Deux

© 2013 Hannah Phelps
oil on canvas, 4" x 6"
(translates to a $24 reserve bid....)

Last week, I told a little sob story about how my arm was in bad shape for a few months.  I ended by telling you that I started painting daily.

Sometimes I finish a piece in one session, but usually I work on it again sometime within the week. If I am having trouble with something, that is ok - I put it away and paint something else.

The guidelines I told you about last week helped me just paint. Since I was relaxed and having fun, some of these paintings turned out quite nice. Better than nice, really. Many of them are great little paintings. Some of them even seemed ready to share.

So I started a new blog for them, After a few weeks of successfully posting dailies there, I joined a site called Daily Paintworks and offered them for auction.

Then I realized "AHHHHH! What about all the folks who have been following me here and on facebook who might want them? Shouldn't they get first crack at them? And why make them join a whole new website like Daily Paintworks?!"

So I thought up a new plan, just for you:

From now on, before I post a painting on Daily Paintworks, I will post it on my facebook page

For the next month or so, it will be available for auction for 24 hours with a reserve price of $1 per square inch (that is 20% of my normal price for a painting). You all bid in the comment section and the winning bidder will be determined at the end of the 24 hour period.

$1 minimum increments for bidding are required. Anything less than a dollar will be considered a non-bid.

That winning bidder will need to email me with their email address so I can send a pay pal invoice (or discuss other payment options) and their shipping address. If they don’t within three days, the next highest bidder will be contacted and on down the line. 

Note that domestic shipping is $7. If I see you often and can just hand you your painting (you know who you are) we can wave the shipping fee.

All of these paintings are unframed.

If no one buys it on facebook that day, it will go to Daily Paintworks with a higher price tag.

The Brushworks blog is a little ahead of us, so you can go there and see a preview of what is available. We will catch up by mixing existing paintings with brand new ones for a little while.

Any questions? 
Ask here in the comment section below; or
Ask in the facebook comment section; or

Ready?....We will start on Monday, June 3 at 8 am.

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