Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Painting to Print

 Energy Channel 2
© 2013 Hannah Phelps
oil on canvas, 12" x 6"

Almost all of my prints are from paintings. Usually unfinished paintings. 

I do this is because I know that I made decisions about shapes, compositions and color relationships that will make a print successful. 

The way that I paint makes it a good medium for working stuff out. If something isn't right, I can wipe it out or paint over it. I smoosh the paint around and let it mix with surrounding colors and the underlayers. 

For my most recent print, I cropped the composition of a plein air piece. I drew a large version of that sliver in charcoal and fell in love with the drawing. I immediately transferred it to a block and started carving and printed a layer. 

Then I got stuck. I didn't know what to do next. The little painting was a great inspiration, but it lacked some crucial info.

So I painted the scene again. And again. And I copied the whole original tiny painting too.

Here is one of the little paintings. 

Now mixing colors and carving shapes should go a little easier. 

This painting is available! For more information about how to get it, contact me by clicking here.

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